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Girl placed between two counsellorsThe vocational training provided by KCPC focuses on hands-on skill development. In keeping with this learning model, Distance Education students enrolled in the Diploma, or Certificate programs are required to volunteer throughout the duration of their program. The Diploma Program requires 180 hours of volunteer/work and the Certificate Program requires 105 hours of volunteer/work. Students procure positions in an agency, clinic, school, private practice or other facility that provides mental health related services.

This requirement enables students to see first-hand what it’s like to work in the mental health field—the roles of administrators, counsellors and support staff as they provide services to the targeted client populations.

Students are encouraged to find a volunteer position that matches an area of personal interest. Depending on the position, student volunteers will be given opportunities to interact with clients and assist staff in a variety of situations. Volunteer duties may include answering the phone, scheduling appointments, providing crisis intervention, co-facilitating groups, or simply serving coffee and providing a welcoming presence at a shelter or out-patient clinic. In performing volunteer duties, you will utilize basic counseling skills learned throughout the training program.

Students also benefit from the feedback provided by onsite supervisors. The volunteer supervisor is asked to complete a short checklist each month to rate the volunteer’s performance and document the number of hours worked.

Career planning is another beneficial aspect to volunteering in a mental health facility. This experience provides the opportunity to get to know the professionals and prospective employers in your community. Networking in this capacity, can open doors to future career prospects.

Students currently employed by a mental health related agency, may use these hours to fulfill the volunteer requirement. Contact the KCPC Registrar for approval.

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