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Are you interested in further education through the University of British Columbia?

University of British Columbia LogoSome of the courses you've taken at KCPC qualify as equivalent to pre-requisite courses for MA or MEd counselling programs at the University of British Columbia.

If you meet the admissions requirements for the MA or MEd counselling programs at UBC, some or all of the following KCPC courses may substitute for UBC prerequisites…

  • Applied Counselling Skills, Introduction to Psychology and Ethics, or Ethics and Career Planning,
  • Career Counselling,
  • Applications of Personality Theories,
  • Assessment of Psych Disorders,
  • Psychology of Learning.

The UBC prerequisite courses that may be satisfied by the above KCPC courses are:

  • Basic Interviewing Skills
  • Career Counselling
  • Theories of Counselling
  • Abnormal or Behavioural Disorders
  • Learning Theories

Students interested in applying to the MA or MEd Counselling programs at UBC, should speak to the Registrar of that institution for further information. https://www.bctransferguide.ca/how-transfer-works/

General Inquiries 250-717-0412 Ext 2