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We asked for feedback - What our graduates have to say!

Professional CounsellorJessica M.   July, 2019
When I think back to over a year ago, when I first found this program online, I really realize how far I have come developmentally throughout this process. What seemed like far-fetched goals over a year ago, are now very real achievements in the works of planning.
Absolutely wonderful program - thank you!!
The content, the format of the courses, the instructor, and student services support team were all amazing to deal with throughout the last year.

Karissa B.    July, 2020
Overall, this was a fantastic and very cherished learning experience for me. It was challenging in all the right ways and I am leaving this program feeling very knowledgeable and accomplished. Thank you to all the staff at KCPC! 

Elsy D.   April 2022  (Psychotherapy Diploma)
I think that this diploma program is absolutely fabulous.  The content is on point.  The materials are suited to the courses and are from very recognized and reputable sources.  The professors are very sincere and insightful in their marking and comments, and very encouraging of me as a student.  The administration has been nothing but supportive and wonderful.  They respond quickly and with professionalism and empathy.  I would give the program five stars.

Rhea E.   June 2022  (Addictions Diploma program)
This was an EXCELLENT program. Easy to understand directions and great support. Definitely feel like I was set up for success.
Thank you so much KCPC!!!!!

Angela N.   January 2021
The choice to take this program and finish it was the best decision I have made in years. I wanted to prove to myself I could start something and finish it. Today I have completed what I set out to do and I am incredibly happy.
Even If never do anything further, the skills, tools, and general concepts I have learned in this program are unbelievably valuable to me. I feel I have become a better listener, have a less judgmental attitude with others, and have developed a deeper sense of who I am because of it. I have more empathy and love and appreciation for life. I am grateful to all my instructors for the wonderful feedback and appreciate all the effort put in marking my work. I read every comment and have tried to learn from them.

Janelle W.   August 2020
I really wanted to take the time to send an email to let you know that I have accepted a position with a local non-profit organization, as a Community Outreach Worker!!!  This position will involve a lot of time in school environments which is exactly the type of position I was hoping for.  I will continue to offer my gratitude to KCPC by speaking highly of your program whenever I am presented with the chance.

Alexandra G.   August 2020
I was impressed throughout the entire program and learned a mass amount of critical information. Reflecting back on when I first started, I would have imagined that I would be ready to start a careerand to feel this confident from an online course. I feel that I am ready to enter this field and am competent to do so.
My volunteer position at the high school in the Aboriginal support room has shown me how much I enjoy incorporating culture into supporting students. The "girls supporting girls" group that I created and put into action gave me an opportunity to use the theories and skills I learned during the program.
I was recently hired as an Aboriginal Support Relief Worker.  As I was doing the YFC course I kept thinking to myself, "Wow  I couldn't  have chosen  a  more suitable elective." The understanding and skills that I learned will be directly applicable to my new career.  I am so thrilled to be starting my first job in this field and cannot wait for the new educational experiences and knowledge this position will give me. I see my current educationand this job as a stepping stone on my path in life. I wonder where this amazing life I have will take me.

Eric B.   May, 2020
Loved your video streaming library! Very helpful seeing the experts in action.
Online forum- enjoyed the thought-provoking questions but unfortunately, everyone is too busy to interact and share experiences and resources as much as I had hoped for. A frequent critique of distance education and not unique to KCPC.

Sar R.   April, 2020

As a novice, I found all of the KCPC courses interesting and beneficial. I believe that it has been very thorough and detailed in what is needed to be a professional counsellor. I would think after two years of supervision and working in the field, all these specific courses will be used in working with clients.

Brandon T.   April, 2019
I am honored to have been asked for your permission to submit my honest review of the life-changing KCPC program that supported me throughout the entire on boarding/learning and exiting processes as well as accommodating my specific needs creating an inclusive environment.

I felt I was fully respected by KCPC faculty members- they met me where I was at and provided alternatives & strategies to ensure I understood and grasped the course material. I struggled with my own mental health but this did not affect my performance at KCPC due to the open mindedness and empathetic listening of the staff.  They upheld their duty of  integrity& professionalism when working with me & my fellow graduates. Question asking was always encouraged and the instructors were always polite, understanding  and respectful. They also ensured that we participated in mock interviews to practice our actual skills in real time rather than strictly reading & writing material. 

Upon graduating from KCPC I worked with a live-in addiction treatment center then worked as a facilitator for Restorative Justice. I have worked at both the Halifax regional & Cape Breton Regional Municipality governmental levels supporting at risk youth & families, meanwhile connecting them to community resources. I would also help them pay bills and attend appointments, using a family centered approach  aligning them with  non profits and helping them navigate institutions and organizations effectively. I received the CAOs award of excellence this year from the mayor, Mike Savage, for my work with inner city at risk communities and the family’s within them. I also worked in many schools and universities within the HRM as well as in hospitals, and have built a reputation of a KCPC graduate whose been taught to put others first while adhering to organizational policy & procedure by being transparent with clients about program policies & procedures in advance. 

I worked as a peer supporter during the height of the covid pandemic working with individuals from diverse backgrounds with different racial, religious and cultural backgrounds. Using a trauma informed client centered approach to increase client success. I now work with the Federal government as a restorative practitioner. (Edited for length)

Thomas S.  January 2023  (Professional Counselling Diploma program)
I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! This was a difficult, arduous, time-consuming, intense, stressful and overwhelming experience; an experience I wouldn’t have traded for the world; an experience into which I went with both eyes wide open, and with a heart and a mind that was willing to risk and learn everything I could. Thank you! This experience changed me. It was the most in-depth and most remarkable educational experience I’ve ever had. The depth of feedback, guidance, insight into ways to improve my approaches, my technique, my skills, my writing, my speaking, and the detail in commentary from all my instructors was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in all my years of education, including my Master’s degree! Maybe at some future point this program could become a master’s level program, such is the depth of your program offerings. Thank you! I appreciate and deeply cherish all the things you’ve afforded me, provided for me, taught to me, wrote to me, and offered to me! I can’t wait to begin…again!


Please list the courses you found to be most beneficial in developing the competency and skills needed to practice as a counsellor…

Veronique T. April, 2020
I want to say that they were all very beneficial. They all had some great tips and strategies to improve my practice.
IAP-400 was the most beneficial. It was a great foundation for the rest of the course. If I had to choose only 1 book I could keep, it would be “Healing Words”. They are so many great information in that book!
ACS-I was so beneficial for life in general. It taught me new skills that I can apply in every aspect of my life. And they are fundamental to being an excellent counselor:
-listening and responding
-The concept of open or close-ended questions
-identifying good and bad responses
-Addressing and disarming anger
-Collaborating with people for change
As much as I am a practical person. I want tools and concrete examples I can apply to my practice, the APT-400 course was so beneficial for the theory. In my opinion, it is important to know the past and to read about research and theory in order to become a better counselor. I really enjoyed that course.
ACS-III was very practical. It consolidated everything I’ve learned. It helped me to know myself and have a better idea of who I want to be as a counselor.
GDW was very beneficial because I really do want to work with groups.

Joshua G.  February 2022 (Community Base Counselling, I&II)
My final course electives were CBCI-400 and CBCII-400. I knew I wanted to work on a community level so this course really hit the mark. Having the framework of the 4 different types and levels of community work was really helpful. The course objectives were really well done and pushed me out of my comfort zone quite a bit. I wrote several reports on the agency where I worked. This led to some great opportunities for me to get real experience. I worked on several community programs for them and spearheaded a couple of them as well such as the volunteer safety and intake process, book drives, clothing drives and grant writing. I wrote a guided meditation program for them that I was able to run. This was the 10 page report that we had to do. After I ran it for the first time, I was given the opportunity to run it as an official program within the agency. That program is now running across Canada between all of our agencies. That would have not happened had this elective not pushed me to do so. It created a job opportunity for me that I took. It really enhanced my counseling ability as well. Just driving home the importance of the clients' community and the role that plays in their well-being. It definitely shifted how I think about working with clients now. Overall it was just a great elective and got me in touch with a lot of local agencies to do really important work.




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