When being a good listener isn't enough...
learn the skills to become a professional counsellor
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Can I learn to be a Counsellor by online career training? Absolutely…


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Distance Education is fast becoming the preferred method of instruction for many students. Today’s technology, combined with KCPC’s unique approach to distance learning makes it possible to complete your training from the comfort and convenience of your home.

The online assignments focus on hands-on skill practice, instructor feedback, demonstration videos, case studies, and practice sessions with volunteer ‘clients’. Each course simulates real counselling situations with you in the role of the counsellor.

There are several reasons students prefer the convenience of Distance Education:

  • All assignments are available on line so you can study anytime, anywhere. Design a study schedule that fits your lifestyle.
  • Textbooks delivered right to your door. Plus you’ll have unlimited access to over 300 training videos from the KCPC streaming library.
  • Interactive exercises teach counselling skills that are transferable to employment settings.
  • You’ll enhance your training with a volunteer position in a community or private agency; develop a professional network and portfolio of job skills with practical relevance for future employers.
  • Instructors are professional counsellors, psychologists, social workers.
  • Enrollment in on campus Study Groups is available in combination with Distance Education assignments.


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