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Diploma of Applied Psychology and Counselling (specializing in Professional Counselling) Adult student status required for admittance

Learn the skills to become a Professional Counsellor or Practice Psychotherapy

Applied Psychology and Counselling Student

The Diploma program specializing in Professional Counselling offers accelerated, online training for entry-level careers in the mental health field. The program consists of 16 courses and can be completed in just 1 year. Each course is 3 weeks, (60 hours) in length.

What is a Professional Counsellor trained to do?

Counsellors are trained to provide mental health services for clients experiencing mild to moderate levels of emotional or behavioral symptoms which interfere with personal or social functioning.

Counsellors use a variety of techniques to assess client needs, and treat issues such as: personal growth, career development, addiction, abuse, relationship, and emotional difficulties. Counsellors work in schools, mental health agencies, rehabilitation facilities, business and industry, religious organisations, community centres and private practice.

A professional counsellor typically treats mental health issues that are less severe and shorter in duration than those requiring psychotherapeutic interventions. When difficult to resolve, or complex issues fall beyond their professional capacity, counsellors take necessary steps to obtain supervision, or refer the client to an appropriately qualified practitioner.

What will you learn in the Counselling Diploma program?

Learning Objectives for each course correlate to specific areas of competency required to practice as a Professional Counsellor.  Upon successful completion of 16 courses specializing in Professional Counselling, graduates can include the following skills in their Professional Portfolio of Job Skills.

Applied Psychology and Counselling Student

  • Clinical Assessments & Mental Status Exams.
  • Ethical decision-making.
  • Integrated application of counselling techniques based on major psychological theories
  • Develop and maintain a Therapeutic Alliance.
  • Therapist’s reflective use of their own personality, insights, perceptions, and judgments to increase efficacy of the therapeutic process.
  • Treatment planning, Case management & Report Writing.
  • Crisis & Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention.
  • Specialized interventions for issues related to grief; addictions; abuse/domestic violence; depression and anxiety disorders; and developmental milestones.
  • Supervised experience in a volunteer or paid mental health setting.
  • Identifying clusters of symptoms, arrive at a speculative diagnosis, and determine scope of practice for DSM mental disorders.
  • Other areas of specialized practice related to the Elective courses.

What are the requirements for Graduation?

  • Complete 15 required courses; plus one elective; fulfill the volunteer requirement. To see a list of required courses: Counsellor Diploma Course and Electives Details
  • Pass each course with a minimum of 65%.
  • Compile a portfolio of job skills required for entry-level practice as a Professional Counsellor.
  • Demonstrate competency in all core concepts by passing a comprehensive proficiency exam at the conclusion of the program.
  • A total of 984 hours of coursework are required for completion of the Diploma program.

What about employment?

Applied Psychology and Counselling Student

Although KCPC cannot guarantee employment outcomes, graduates of the Diploma program with a specialization in Professional Counselling demonstrate proficiency in the concepts and skills necessary for entry-to-mid level positions in a variety of community mental health settings, or in private practice. Graduates with additional experience or credentials increase their standing with perspective employers.

KCPC grads are prepared to assist clients with mental health concerns such as:

Professional Designation:

Diploma graduates may apply to the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association to earn the RPC designation - Registered Professional Counsellor.

For a complete description of courses click here for the online college catelogue.

Note: Credit for KCPC courses may be transferable to other colleges and universities at the discretion of their admissions departments.

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