When being a good listener isn't enough...
learn the skills to become a professional counsellor
Counselling courses and tutor services

Distance Education students… take advantage of FREE, interactive practice sessions.


Counsellor in training being tutoredKCPC offers a unique tutoring opportunity, designed to improve competency in the use of foundational counselling skills.

Students receive FREE, telephone practice sessions with a professional counsellor. These interactive role-play sessions focus on essential skills such as reflective listening, empathy, establishing trust, setting goals, etc.

Skill Practice sessions are conducted over the phone and supervised by a registered professional counsellor. Sessions provide a supportive, interactive learning experience, where students work in dyads with other students, alternating roles of client and counsellor. Practice sessions are provided at extra no charge.

Students may request practice sessions as needed. As you progress through the program, KCPC’s specialized support staff will help you build the self-confidence and skills needed to become an effective counsellor.

(Skill development sessions are meant as training exercises, and NOT intended as a substitute for professional counselling.)

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