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After Graduation, a job. Will you be ready?

Student Counsellor Shakes Employers Hand After Graduating The Online Counselling Training

Your professional success has been our goal all along.

By the time you graduate from the Diploma program, you’ll have the skills needed to assist clients with the following mental health concerns:

  • depression and anxiety related disorders
  • addictions: prevention, recovery and follow-up treatment
  • youth, family and couples counselling
  • suicide and emergency intervention
  • developmental milestones
  • loss and grief
  • ethical decision making
  • Indigenous issues
  • career planning
  • community development and barriers due to cultural diversity
  • abuse and domestic violence
  • group counselling and workshop facilitation

Graduates are ready to pursue entry-level counselling positions in settings such as:

  • mental health agencies
  • community services
  • employment agencies
  • churches
  • consulting with corporations, and small business
  • government and EAP contracts
  • online and telephone counselors
  • private practice.

KCPC stands behind our graduates….

Graduates Celebrate After Completing Online Counsellor Career Training

Beginning with the admissions interview, continuing throughout the program, and beyond graduation we go the extra mile to prepare you for employment. Although we cannot guarantee job placements, here’s what we can guarantee…

  • For the first year after earning your Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling, KCPC will continue as your training partner, helping you maintain the level of competence employers expect from graduates of the Kelowna College of Professional Counselling.
    If during your job search or while starting a new position, you feel there are gaps in your skills or knowledge related to subjects covered in the Diploma program, we’ll work with you to fill that gap by providing free refresher courses.
  • Professional Designation. The comprehensive training provided in the Diploma program is designed to prepare you to pursue the Registered Professional Counsellor designation (RPC), conferred by the Canadian Professional Counselling Association (CPCA). The RPC behind your name will help you make the most of your career opportunities. Click here.
  • KCPC graduates = preferred applicants. Our goal is for employers to recognize you as a ‘preferred applicant’-- someone who is ready to become a competent member of their staff. Give us the names of agencies you’re applying to, and we’ll send them a letter of recommendation that includes our promise to stand behind your training.
  • Tips on Marketing Job Skills. Each course includes suggestions on how to incorporate specific skills learned in the course into your job search. These innovative ideas help you develop your resume, prepare for interviews, and network with other professionals.
  • Career Planning Workshops held throughout the year provide practical advice on:
    • interview skills
    • how to build a private practice
    • developing your resume and brochure
    • job opportunities.

To listen in on our most recent career symposium, and to find links to Canadian government resources, click here.

  • Assistance from your student advisor- Your student advisor is a KCPC graduate, AND a Registered Professional Counsellor. She is ready to answer your questions, discuss career opportunities and offer guidance throughout your training program.
  • Going on to University? For those of you planning to further your counselling education in a University program, here’s some exciting news! A selection of KCPC courses have been accepted by UBC as pre-requisite transfer credits for their Masters Degree counselling programs. Learn more here..

Career Opportunities


Elizabeth D. is contracted to provide mental health services to several First Nations reserves in remote areas.

Barb V. is using her therapeutic skills in her work as a private investigator.

Sandra L. is employed as a counsellor in a women's transition house, and provides funeral celebrant services in the Okanagan area.

Jim W. is contracted by several major corporations to provide employee assistance in the Okanagan. Additionally, he is the national president of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association.

Kim B. works full time as a supervisor in a mental health agency providing support counselling services.

Marlene A. manages a thriving telephone counselling practice and provides IT support to other professionals in the process of starting their own practices.

Melanie W. is employed in a specialized program for autistic children while she pursues her Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Vicki H. is a care manager and counsellor for an employee assistance program in the Okanagan. She also maintains a private practice focusing on aftercare for a well-known addictions treatment program.

Michelle L. uses her counselling skills in a First Nations agency, working on the reserve with children and adolescents in foster care.

Damon G. uses his counselling skills in hostage negotiations on a global scale.

Germaine R. offers therapy specializing in loss and grief, and provides support and closure to grieving families through celebrant services.

Janice P. currently holds the position of Executive Director of a 15 bed women's transition house in the Okanagan Similkameen

Chelsea S. works as a student advisor and administrator at a career college. She also is in private practice specializing in online counselling.

Debra M. is providing individual and group counseling for teenage mothers and teaching parenting skills at a Family Services agency.

Donna D. is working for the Salvation Army offering individual counseling and support groups for homeless men.

Ed M. operates a private practice specializing in trauma counseling. He also received a government contract to teach life skills and provide employment counseling to individuals on public assistance. Ed is the president of the KCPC alumni association.

Aaron M. opened a private practice in the Okanagan Valley. He receives referrals from local professionals and the medical community.

Farrah Lee is working at the Brain Injury Society in a new program that provides counseling for homeless people who suffer from brain injuries.

Kelly B. works in Northern BC providing career counselling to her Band members and youth.


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