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Counselling Career Transitioning - Into the Future 

This web page is designed to keep you up to date on counselling successes, strategies, trends, job and career links and other information that student prospects, KCPC students and graduates will find useful during their transitioning and professional development.

Counselling Career SymposiumOn August 14, 2012, Kelowna College of Professional Counselling held a symposium on campus to discuss and share information about counselling career resources, strategies and tools. Some of the subjects that were discussed:

  • How to set up your own practice
  • Successful transition from student to working counsellor
  • Membership advantages of the CPCA
  • New counselling management and assessment systems
  • Job search strategies


If you would like to listen to the Symposium or 2015 Interview of a KCPC graduate on career transitions after Graduation, click the appropriate link below.

KCPC Counselling Career Symposium Canadian Government Career and Work
Web Site
BC Government Career and Work

Follow the links here to listen to recordings of our 2012 symposium on counselling careers.

Symposium - Introduction

Symposium - CPCA representative intro

Symposium - CPCA representative presentation

Symposium - Career Panel

Symposium - Job Resources and wrap up

Diploma Graduate interview on career transition

Counselling Career Transition - Part 1 Dipl Grad Interview - 2015 

Counselling Career Transition - Part 2 - Dipl Grad Interview - 2015 

For further reading, click here to view and/or print some support documents used during the Symposium.

The Government of Canada has provided a comprehensive job search site that provides help with finding a job, building a good resume, access to government employment opportunities and much more. To visit the site, Click here. Follow this link to find further information about careers and opportunities in the counselling field in British Columbia. Click Here
Working in Canada
Access to many resources and statistics regarding counselling and related careers in Canada. Click Here



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