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It takes team work to make a difference. The following is a list of faculty, academic consultants, clinical supervisors, and guest speakers-- current and past contributors to KCPC’s efforts toward excellence in education.

Current Faculty Members

Andrea Campbell, MA, RCC, (Counselling)
Barbara Butchart MC (Counselling)
Bill Schuilenberg, RPC, MPCC (Counselling)
Carol Loney, MA (Counselling)
Danial Casey, MSW (Social Work)
Dawn Andrews, Ed.D (Counselling Specialization) 
Diane Power-Jeans, MSW (Social Work) 
Gerry McDougall, MA (Counselling)
Jack Stowers, Ph.D. (Psychology)
Jamie Cole, MSW, (Social Work)
Joanna Jewell, MA, R. Psych (Psychology)
Libby Stowers, Ph.D. (Psychology) 
Liz Sholseth, MSW (Social Work)
Mary Dougherty, MA (Psychology)
Monica Lloyd, MA (Psychology)
Phillip Hay, Reg CT, MPCC, (Counselling) 
Rhonda Berg, MA, RPN (Counselling 

Past Faculty Members and Consultants

Alitia Farrell, MA (Counselling)
Barbara Belfie MSW (Social Work) 
Bonnie Watts BA MDE (Research Design)
Chris Pomeroy, MA (Counselling)
Claire Jantzen, MA (Counselling) 
Hugh Campbell, M.ED (Psychology)
Leith Abrahamse, MSW (Social Work) 
Lisa Go, MA (Counselling) 
Lorri Simpson, MSW (Social Work)
Monica Lloyd, MA (Psychology)
Paula Miles, MSW (Social Work)
Peter Claassen, MD (Psychiatry) 
William Cameron, RCC, (Counselling)
Edward Mitchell, MPCC

Qualifications: KCPC instructors possess graduate degrees or the equivalent, and have worked as professional counsellors, social workers or psychologists for a minimum of 5 years. These seasoned professionals share their life experiences… helping students learn what it takes to become an effective counsellor.

Notice: The Kelowna College is looking to build our roster of instructors for the Distance Education Program. Applicants for this position must have experience in marking online course modules. The course schedule offers a variety of course topics to choose from. Each course is 3 weeks in duration. Browse our website for more details about our programs.

If you would like to join a dynamic team of dedicated educators helping develop the skills of entry-level counsellors, please submit your curriculum vitae to: programdirector@counsellortraining.com

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