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Specialized Certificate in the Practice of Psychotherapy

This specialized Certificate program is geared to counsellors with prior training and/or experience who wish to incorporate basic psychotherapy techniques into their scope of practice.  The program provides introductory training in theories and techniques used by psychotherapists.  All textbooks, videos, and study materials are included with the cost of tuition.  (Counsellors with less than 2 years of clinical experience are advised to consult a supervisor when applying advanced techniques.)

The Certificate can be completed in 7 months of full time study.

Course objectives:

  • Personal and professional challenges of building a therapy practice
  • Integrating major theories into the practice of psychotherapy
  • Evaluating the efficacy of your therapeutic orientation
  • Assessment, strategic treatment planning, and psychopharmacology applied to DSM V disorders
  • Ethics and multiculturalism
  • Professional correspondence and report writing
  • Applications of research to clinical practice


Psychotherapy Trainting 9 courses, totaling 540 hours, plus 90 hours supervised experience as an employee or volunteer in a mental health setting.

3 Pre-requisite Courses

3 two-part advanced courses

What will I learn?

The course objectives correlate to basic psychotherapeutic techniques that can be incorporated into the scope of practice of an entry-to-mid level professional counsellor. 

Upon successful completion of this specialized certificate, you may include the following skills as part of your Professional Portfolio.

  1. Awareness of the personal challenges of being a therapist and building a practice.
  2. foundations of clinical practice.
  3. Ability to compare and contrast evidence-based models of psychotherapy and to incorporate psychotherapeutic techniques into your therapeutic style.
  4. Ability to assess and evaluate symptoms, and develop strategic treatment plans for mental disorders classified in the DSM-V.
  5. Apply basic elements of psychopharmacology to disorders in the DSM-V.
  6. Write professional reports and research papers consistent with APA guidelines.
  7. Ability to research and measure the efficacy of your own therapeutic approach.

Application of psychotherapeutic techniques by counsellors working in an independent capacity requires ongoing supervision by a clinical therapist for a minimum of 2 years.

Note: This Certificate program introduces basic psychotherapeutic techniques to be applied to the scope of practice of a professional counsellor. KCPC does NOT sanction graduates of the program to use the term ‘psychotherapist’ as part of their professional title.

Most Canadian provinces permit professional counsellors to include the ‘practice psychotherapy’ under their scope of practice. However, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia have restrictions which limit any usage of the term ‘psychotherapy or psychotherapist’ to licensed practitioners only. (Please check directly with your home province for any regulations that may apply to the practice of psychotherapy.)

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